Friday, May 1, 2009

Robots to maintain wind farms

Wind energy has been there to fulfill the energy needs of the world. It was used in ancient times to grind grains. The modern use of wind energy mainly includes electricity generation. Wind turbines are used to generate electricity from wind energy and this electricity can be used for domestic purposes. Wind turbines are installed in wind farms to generate electricity for commercial use. The maintenance of wind farms is a big issue and requires a lot of money. A huge manpower is required to manage large wind farms efficiently and effectively.

Science has taken a step forward in technology by inventing robots that will be able to maintain the large wind farms eliminating the need of men. Though it will result in loss of employment opportunities, the cost effectiveness and convenience of managing wind farms using robots cannot be overlooked.

Robots will be responsible for maintaining and managing the wind energy generators at all times. The operation of wind turbines and generators for electricity generation will also be managed by the robots. They will also be responsible for inspecting the movement of rotor blades and ensuring that the blades rotate in the right direction. They will also find out the damaged parts in the turbines and repair them so that the operation of a wind farm is not affected in any way.

The robots are being designed with the latest technologies including infrared radiators, thermal cameras and ultrasonic systems. They will operate at the lowest possible maintenance costs and will also not affect the environment adversely.

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