Monday, May 18, 2009

Wind Energy

The atmospheric air possesses kinetic energy. This energy is called wind energy. As a renewable energy source, wind energy has been used for hundreds of years for purposes like sailing, grinding of grains and for irrigation. Wind energy is indirectly obtained from solar energy. The earth temperatures are different all across the world and so some places receive more heat than others. The places where earth gets heated fast get warmer air that being light rises up. The cooler air from surrounding areas rushes to take the place of warm air causing winds.

The first and the earliest use of wind renewable energy was made by the Egyptians about five thousand years back who used this renewable energy source to sail their boats from one shore to another. The first windmill that could capture renewable wind energy was built in Babylon around 2000 BC.

The renewable wind energy that is obtained from the sun is very small in quantity because only about three percent of the solar energy gets converted to wind energy.

In order to get the maximum benefits from this renewable energy source, wind energy needs to be utilized optimally. As a renewable alternative energy source, wind energy will be available for as long as the sun shines.

The cost of using the renewable wind energy depends upon the size of the wind turbine that is installed, the amount of wind available and the cost of maintaining a wind turbine.

Wind energy is considered to be one of the most important alternative energy sources available today.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wind Energy

Wind turbines generate electricity from the energy possessed by moving air which is called wind energy. As an alternative energy source, wind energy is available in abundance and is highly renewable. Development in technology in the field of renewable wind energy has opened up new avenues for wind energy companies that today do more than just harnessing wind energy. Wind energy companies have introduced structured dynamics and aerodynamics to improve the efficiency of wind turbines. Wind energy is an eco friendly source of energy that can protect the environment from getting degraded. This alternative energy source neither emits any kind of poisonous gases or harmful toxins in to the environment nor does wind energy contribute to global warming in any way.

The method of electricity generation by using wind energy is completely safe. Renewable wind energy is highly cost effective and very less cost is incurred in the production of electricity by wind turbines. Even this small cost is covered by the benefits that wind energy provides. Also the space taken up by wind turbines is not much and so wind energy leads to optimal use of land resources as well. Wind energy companies are ready to make investments in renewable wind energy because they have knowledge about the potential of wind energy.

Because wind energy is gaining popularity, new ideas to harness wind energy are being developed. These new techniques will enable the wind energy companies to explore the full potential of wind energy which can then be used for many purposes.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wind energy systems

The blowing winds are a renewable energy source. The energy produced from winds is called wind energy. The systems that use renewable wind energy for different purposes are called wind energy systems and are becoming very popular because of several reasons. These systems harness the renewable wind energy so that it can be used for a number of applications. These systems can be used as an alternative for fossil fuels. This is because the use of fossil fuels causes pollution and increases global warming whereas wind energy systems do not cause any pollution. Once the availability of fossil fuels comes to an end, these systems will be the only alternative energy source that will be able to meet the energy requirements.

These systems can be either used along with grid connected systems or as stand alone units. The wind energy systems when used along with grid connected systems continue supplying power for most of the time and if the amount of energy generated is insufficient to meet the energy requirements the utility grid supplies the required energy. The switching over between the wind energy system and the utility grid is automatic

The stand alone wind energy systems can be used to meet the energy needs of homes, farms or small communities.

Both types of wind energy systems generate electricity that can be used as an alternative power source in houses and industries. They result in a significant reduction in costs incurred in generating energy. These systems can provide cost effective, clean and renewable wind energy for many years.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wind Machines

Wind machines are the devices that can use renewable wind energy and generate wind power. Wind machines capture the renewable wind energy and convert the energy present in it to mechanical or electrical energy called wind renewable power.

Wind machines have rotors or blades that capture the kinetic energy of the wind and these are turned by the force of the wind. The blades are connected to the shafts of a turbine which is rotated by renewable wind energy to generate electricity. This electricity can be used as an alternative power source called wind power.

Two types of wind machines are available on the basis of the direction of the rotating shaft. Horizontal axis wind machines have blades like that of an airplane propeller. These wind machines are very tall and have three long blades to capture more renewable wind energy and therefore generate more wind renewable power. The other type of wind machines called the vertical axis wind machines are not much in use and not very popular. They have blades that go from top to bottom and these account for a very small amount of wind power generated.

A Wind Amplifier Rotor Platform can also be used to generate wind renewable power. In such systems modules are stacked on one another where each module has a pair of high capacity turbines and a wind amplifier. The wind amplifier increases the speed of the renewable wind energy that is directed towards the turbines to rotate them and the turbines then generate electricity.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Robots to maintain wind farms

Wind energy has been there to fulfill the energy needs of the world. It was used in ancient times to grind grains. The modern use of wind energy mainly includes electricity generation. Wind turbines are used to generate electricity from wind energy and this electricity can be used for domestic purposes. Wind turbines are installed in wind farms to generate electricity for commercial use. The maintenance of wind farms is a big issue and requires a lot of money. A huge manpower is required to manage large wind farms efficiently and effectively.

Science has taken a step forward in technology by inventing robots that will be able to maintain the large wind farms eliminating the need of men. Though it will result in loss of employment opportunities, the cost effectiveness and convenience of managing wind farms using robots cannot be overlooked.

Robots will be responsible for maintaining and managing the wind energy generators at all times. The operation of wind turbines and generators for electricity generation will also be managed by the robots. They will also be responsible for inspecting the movement of rotor blades and ensuring that the blades rotate in the right direction. They will also find out the damaged parts in the turbines and repair them so that the operation of a wind farm is not affected in any way.

The robots are being designed with the latest technologies including infrared radiators, thermal cameras and ultrasonic systems. They will operate at the lowest possible maintenance costs and will also not affect the environment adversely.