Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wind energy basics

Wind energy is a form of natural and solar energy that can be used economically to generate electricity. Wind is created because of uneven heating and rotation of the earth. This wind has kinetic energy which can be harnessed in many ways and used to produce electricity that can fulfill the demands of the entire world.

The use of alternative sources of energy is the need of the hour for the generation of electricity because the oil prices are soaring and oil reserves are depleting. Wind energy is the most profitable option to generate electricity in such a situation because it is obtained freely from a renewable source that will continue providing energy for as long as the earth exists. Wind energy is also non- polluting and clean. The use of wind energy will create a greener world. As a readily available source of energy, wind energy can be efficiently used.

Wind turbines are used to generate wind power from wind energy. The wind turbines have blades that trap the wind energy. This causes the blades to rotate and convert the wind energy to mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is supplied to the generators which convert this energy into the useful electrical energy. Wind turbines require proper maintenance for generating electricity in a cost effective manner. Although, the initial costs of using wind energy to generate electricity are enormous, the benefits at a later stage by far outdo the costs.

One problem with using wind energy is that it is not reliable. Electricity can be generated only when wind is blowing. Therefore, wind energy needs to be stored for future use which can be expensive.

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